Who is Huy Quang Piano? Born in a family with musical traditions, Huy Quang Piano's father is a music theory teacher at the Vietnam National Academy of Music.

Huy Quang studied accordion at the Vietnam School of Music (now known as the Vietnam National Academy of Music) from 1974 and pursued this profession for 15 years until 1989, the year when Huy Quang was awarded by the Ministry of Culture and information on the international accordion competition at Klingethal (DDR), an international competition for accordion that was considered to be the largest and most professional in the world at that time.

Huy Quang was ranked 10th in the ranking that year. Huy Quang stayed in Germany from 1989 to 1999 and returned to Vietnam. In 2002, Huy Quang started to learn piano repair techniques and started to practice this profession from that day forward.


In June 2016, Huy Quang - Piano officially became the exclusive distributor of German piano brand (currently belonging to the Republic of Austria), 169 years old, Feurich Piano.

In order to meet the strict requirements reputable piano manufacturer, in October 2017, Huy Quang went to Austria to complete technical training and sound creation for a European-standard piano.

Currently, Huy Quang Piano is still the Official Representative of Feurich Piano in Vietnam, continuing to pursue to become a professional piano technician to the highest standards, to be exactly a Registered Piano Technician. (PTR) that unfortunately, in Vietnam, there is no registered piano technician.


Hopefully, Huy Quang Piano's efforts will bring good results to the community and be supported by everyone.




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