Aizenaha Piano



A: 121cm

B: 150cm

C: 61cm

Color  : see the picture above

Price:  call for details

Serial Number: 3 xxx xxx

Made in Japan - Korea

Price included : delivery within (old) Hanoi city, Piano bench, Piano cover, Piano heater, 5 years  guarantee.



Prices in VND may change according to exchange rate of VND/USD of Joint stock commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam . Customers may get a lower or higher price according to exchange rate of VND/USD at the moment of purchase.

If you would like to know the exchange rate of VND/USD of Joint stock commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam , please call 80111005, then dial 3 (from cell phone or from other provinces, please add the Hanoi area code 024; the call center provides in Vietnamese only).


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