I read somewhere the saying: "Lies are the cause of all harm".

If we are not serious at work, I think we cannot succeed.

I've been working for many years with music and of course "lying in the blanket" for quite a long time, so I know some of the downsides of this job.

If your instrument is broken, get in touch with us, we can give you the right advice.


For non-Piano instruments:

It may cost you an extra fifty, a few hundred thousand dong for service fees, but we hope to be beneficial to you.

For the piano:

If you have a piano and you are an amateur (less than 60 minutes / day), about 8 to 12 months, you should invite a piano technician to check, and tune; If you play professionally (about 2 hours or more / day), about 3 to 6 months, you should check and tune the piano.

With a cost of about 550,000 VND per tuning, depending on the condition of the instrument, depending on the level of the tuner and depending on the requirements of the customer.

Some pianos are left for too long, the instrument is moldy, the machine does not work smoothly, the pitch is too much wrong, the tuner must first treat all the moisture for the machine to operate, then start up; then the tuner has to wait for the stabilizer to tune up again.

Prices will be charged if such situation occurs. Of course, the calculation of the extra price must be approved by the customer before the work can be started.

The price must be agreed before doing the work, to avoid causing misunderstanding and affecting the relationship between customers and us.


Thank you!

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