In my opinion, an unplayed piano is a dead piano. So our product won't be complete if we don't train players.

Perhaps most of us want to be someone who benefits ourselves and our community. Since our establishment, we have sold a number of musical instruments. With the current speed of selling the instrument in Hanoi and the whole country of the musical instrument business, it will be a pity if there are not enough players. The instrument will only become a home decoration.

This is also not very bad !


Let me tell you a story:

There was a man who came to my friend's music store, pointed at the piano and said, "I really ask you, what is this?".

My friend looked at him intently and replied:

- Sir, this is a Piano !

He asked again:

- OK. How much is this piano?

My friend replied:

- Sir, this piano costs 2400 dollars

He thought for a moment and then said:

- You say 2400 dollars, if I buy without haggling for a product I just know what it is, you might say I'm crazy. I pay you 2300 dollars, if you agree, bring it to my house.

After listening, my friend said:

- Sir, it's late afternoon, I'm about to close my shop. May I ask you if you are telling the truth or joking. If you are joking, I invite you to drink a glass of wine and ask your permission to let me close my shop and i could go home.

After listening, the man said:

- I have an antiquity, if I put it on your piano it would be very beautiful so I am honest.

This is a true story.

Buying a product because it's beautiful is not uncommon in life. Sometimes, people marry a woman just because she has a beautiful appearance, others should put aside, if you feel beautiful, just bring her home if she agrees.

That is a point that I would not dare to comment on as this topic is a bit sensitive; but in my opinion, the woman is both beautiful and good at singing the "couple song" is probably better.


For a piano it is not much different.


Back to topic:

We open music classes for such a reason.

The fact that the girl has a good appearance, but doesn't sing well "the couple song", let the guy who brings her home to take care of himself. We only take care of the children whose parents have bought the pianos, now they have one more place to study.

Opening music classes do not aim to make money directly because according to our calculations, we will surely lose money because the tuition cannot be collected high at the moment.

Currently, the cost of learning Piano and other musical instruments increases to 300,000 VND / our.

If the children plan to study professionally to get into specialized schools, the cost will be higher.

Opening music classes will make us feel more secure mentally because if we assume we sell too many instruments into the market, we also contribute to get enough players, and we are making the instrument more useful, not just the need for beauty as the remarkable uncle mentioned above.

On the other hand, we believe that this service will make us more professional, customers trust us more and that is a direct source of benefits.





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